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The new WikiStudent is now live

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

The new WikiStudent, for Unisa students, went live a couple of weeks ago. The URL:

We need Unisa students to become editors to help fill in the content - see the new site for how to join.

This blog is no longer being updated. You can browse the archives if you’re interested in how WikiStudent was re-built.

Polls for the module pages

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Here are some of the polls that will appear on every single module page on the wiki, in this example, MNB101D.

How challenging did you find MNB101D?

How useful is MNB101D in your field of work?

What did you get for the MNB101D exam?

Never mind the exact options you see here. The wording (and styling) can change. This is just a demo.

I quite like these PollDaddy polls. You can even comment after voting. The basic service is free, but for $200 per year you can get detailed reporting and have the PollDaddy link removed. Considering I’m going to be creating over 1000 of these polls, (1200 minutes = 20 hours!) the fee just may be worth it, but I’ll try out the free version to begin with.

Now these designs are not finalised, but I do rather like them, which is why I’m showing them to you. (The brain and desk are very student-like, don’t you think?) Maybe we can come up with some more module-specific poll questions… Suggestions?

A new logo

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

WikiStudent has gone through several design changes in the past. In the previous two years there were three changes to the logo alone! Here they are:


At the beginning of 2007 I used a sunflower logo, then I changed it to a South African Sugarbush protea, and finally settled on the Strelitzia.

Though these logos were nice enough, they weren’t quite perfect (and the flower theme doesn’t realy symbolise studying, dont’ you think?) Also, it is about time to come up with a ‘brand’ that people will come to recognise. The new logo must be memorable, and it must never change again!

My new idea for a logo (and I had a professional designer do it for me) is a world globe:

blueglobeI’ll tell you why it’s so fitting. The ‘ws’ part of the domain ‘’ stands for ‘world site’, and Unisa students study through correspondance all over the world. Come on, the globe is Perfect!! Notice that it has Africa on the front :-)