Protection from rain (and spam)

Last week, after being caught in the rain without an umbrella, as soon as I was at the PC I went online to shop for one. Here’s what I ordered:

umbrellaA FireFox umbrella - how cool is that! Everyone I showed the pic to wanted one as well so I put in a bulk order to save on shipping. It was pricy (the total order came to over 100 Pounds) but worth it, considering that the proceeds go to the Mozilla foundation and this is a brilliant way to promote FireFox :-)

If I had my way, everybody would use FireFox as their browser. Currently on average 20% of my visitors use FireFox which is just shocking…

A few weeks ago I mentioned blocking a bunch of spammer countries. I recently carried this out and it has been quite effective. Sometimes I’m tempted to block access to my websites to all non-FireFox users, but that would be too harsh, considering some people browse from their cellphones.

What I might do instead is this: Order dozens of FireFox umbrellas and re-sell them from my websites, and display monthly statistics of how many people are using FireFox. Just another one of my ideas…


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