Bookshop not happening yet

The one drawback of using MediaWiki is that you can’t create forms and other database-driven features because the editing boxes are entirely text-based. This meant that I had to say goodbye to my Unisa second-hand bookshop, which used to store buyer and seller and book details in a database.

Then, I had the idea of creating MediaWiki tables on the module pages, where students could edit the table cells if they wanted to buy or sell a book. Here is an example:


The trouble, I found out when doing usability testing, is that the MediaWiki table syntax is very complicated, and anybody who has never edited a wiki before will be confused by

|| || || ||

and it doesn’t naturally occur to someone that you need to edit in the book details between the pipe symbols.

So, rather than make people read detailed instructions and expect them to master wiki markup for tables, I’m going to put a hold on the bookshop for now, and write a standalone bookshop in 2010, where anybody (not just WikiStudent editors) can sell their books.

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