I meet a future tester

Today I met my new neighbour who, it turns out, I had bumped into in 2004 at the post office where she was sending off a Unisa assignment!

We actually recognised each other, even though we’d only met once 5 years ago. I remember how it happened: She was posting a Unisa assignment, I approached her and told her she could submit them electronically (which she didn’t know), and I showed her how to log on to SOL (Students On Line it was called in those days, not myUnisa!) and of course I also told her about my Unisa website (called COSINE, not WikiStudent, in those days).

So, the upshot is, she’s agreed to do some usability testing for me :-)  She’s already graduated, but her input will still be valuable because I need testers who know how Unisa works and what students want.

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