Exam timetable for each page

I finally found a MediaWiki calendar extension that does the job! Here is what the calendar looks like.


And it’s easily editable because you don’t have to mess with table syntax. All you do is type the date. e.g. 2009-10-13:::ALP101Q Exam

The purpose of this?

Well, if someone fills in the exam date for a module, I’ll know when to email everyone doing that module. Not really a ‘good luck for the exam’ email, but rather a request to come back to the wiki straight after the exam and put down all the questions you remember were asked.

Some improvements to be made:

  1. I think the current year needs to be displayed at the top, next to the month. (Will have to modify the extension’s code for this)
  2. It needs a proper design, maybe even the exam date highlighted. (Will need to look into the CSS)


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