Introducing “community”

Since the initial testing revealed (from two sources) that students want to interact with other students doing a module, I dug around and found this very suitable ContributionCredits extension. This is what it produces at the bottom of every wiki page:

Contribution Credits

The above snippet was taken from the ENN102E page. You see a heading “Contributors to this page” with usernames of everyone who ever edited that page (except for admin).

So that’s a neat solution for indicating who is taking which modules. You can also click on a person’s username to find out more about them (what they are currently studying, what work they’re doing on the wiki, view their photo…).

In the past, I had a section where you could insert your name if you were doing a particular module, but that was a manual process, so not many people went to the effort. This extension is ideal because your username is added automatically the moment you save your changes to a page.


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